The all-in-one solution. Combitherm does it all.

Fast food.
  • It's a steamer that lets you poach salmon or steam vegetables without sacrificing delicate flavor.
  • It's a convection oven that circulates hot air and browns food -- including many foods that once required frying.
  • And, of course, it's a combi oven that makes it easy to combine steam and convection heat to cook meat, fish and poultry up to 50% faster.

Exclusive smoking feature. The Combitherm is the only combi oven on the market featuring our patented smoking feature. Use Combitherm to cold smoke salmon or cheese, or hot smoke spare ribs or pork shoulder.

Combitherm On The Line!

David Chang uses Alto-Shaam Combitherms in his restaurant, Momofuku. Watch this video to see some of his creations, and notice the Combitherms in the background near the beginning.of the video.