Please take a look below for a variety of recipes that have been tested and perfected in Alto-Shaam equipment.

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72-Hour St. Louis Ribs

Cooks In Smokers

Although often thought of as a summer BBQ tradition, St.Louis style ribs make an unexpected and welcome addition to any menu during any time of the year. Here is our easy way of preparing this popular dish for your guests.

Buffalo Wings

Cooks In Combitherm Ovens

Buffalo wings are the perfect appetizer to serve on game day or at other parties. Whether you are preparing these wings for a dine-in experience or for grab-and-go convinience, buffalo wings will be a hit for your customers.

Corn Spoon Bread

Cooks In Combitherm Ovens

This seasonal favorite can be baked á la carte because of the speed of the Alto-Shaam Combi oven. They come out with a crust around the jar but creamy inside.

Creme Brulee

Cooks In Cook & Hold Ovens

The Cook & Hold oven makes this complicated dessert easier!

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