Cook & Hold: Powerful Return on Investment

Love me tender...for a lifetime.Meats cooked and held at low temperatures comes out much more tender, juicy, and flavorful. It's the meat's own natural enzymatic action that makes the difference, and the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven that makes it happen.

With the Cook & Hold's exclusive Lifetime Guarantee, that oh so delicious enzymatic action will never leave you. We guarantee it.

Improve your bottom line:

  • Low energy consumption – The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold cooks a load of food for less than $1 worth of electricity, even if you run it overnight!

  • No hood ventilation needed – Save up to $30 per 16-hour day of operation in hood operating costs.

  • Less shrinkage - With about 18% less meat shrinkage in the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold, you'll get two more servings from each roast. Put the money from the extra sales right in your pocket! Calculate the savings for yourself...

  • Easy to operate - Simply set the cook temperature and the hold temperature, and you're done!

  • Overnight cooking - Start cooking the day's entrée the night before. The meat is done to perfectionwhen you arrive the next day.

  • Use less expensive cuts of meat - Beef brisket, hanger steak, flat iron... The natural meat tenderization action makes the most of less expensive cuts of meat.

  • Lifetime warranty -  We provide a lifetime warranty on all Cook & Hold heating cable. That's added value on top of our standard warranty.

  •  A browning masterpiece - The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold browns meats beautifully, without the adverse drying effect of convected heat.

  • Cook & Hold in action - We can tell you all about it, but it's even better if you see cook & hold ovens in action for yourself.

ROI, by the numbers

Imagine two slices of roast vanishing into thin air. It happens every time you cook a roast in a convection oven. The shrink is so great that you're losing two slices out of every roast.

Let's take it another step... How much do you sell those slices for? In the example below, a slice of roast is sold for $18.

  • 2 slices x $18 = $36 more income per roast
  • 3 roasts sold per night = 6 additional slices at $18 per slice = $108 more income per night
  • 300 serving days per year x $108 additional income per night from additional slices = $32,400 in additional revenue per year

With this activity, the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven can pay for itself in just 3 months. Calculate the savings for yourself...