• Capacity (per cavity) – 240 pounds, 108 kg (120 pounds, 54 kg per cavity), 8 full-size/GN pans.

  • Stacked cooking capacity – Essentially a 1000-TH-II/Split stacked on top of another in an all-in-one unit, the 1000-TH-I provides twice the cooking volume with the same kitchen footprint. Each oven cavity features its own set of manual controls.

  • Cooks by time – Set your desired cook time and the Cook & Hold takes over from there, automatically switching to hold mode when cooking time is up.

  • Simple manual controls – Manual dials are the most straightforward approach for time and temperature settings. The 1000-TH-I features these simple manual controls.

  • Moves where it’s needed – The standard casters allow the Cook & Hold to be easily moved wherever it’s needed.

  • Heavy-duty construction – Strong steel framing and construction, superior insulation, and heavy gauge stainless steel keep this oven working hard for years.

  • Many model configurations – Pass-through, marine, alternate door hinging, and stackable configurations are available. See the spec sheet for details.

  • Auto Cad Drawings


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