6-10es CombiTouch® Electric CombiOven

  • Capacity - 6 half-size sheet or 6 steam/Gastronorm pans.

  • Stacking – Options available to maximize your kitchen floor space.

  • Traditional steam generation - Steam generated with traditional boiler technology.

  • Fast Cooking - Food cooks quickly and precisely by combining steam and convection heat, all under the chefs direction.

  • Graphic Controls - The graphic-based control overcomes language barriers while the simple, logical procedures ensure that correct steps are followed every time.

  • Six levels of Gold-n-Brown™ - Six precise and consistent browning levels are available with the CombiTouch. The exclusive Gold-n-Brown feature gives the operator the ability to achieve the ideal cooking environment for the ideal finish.

  • Excellent memory - Access up to 250 of your recipes that are identified by your own uploaded pictures. The Combitherm with CombiTouch also comes standard with more than 100 preprogrammed recipes and photos, covering most commonly prepared food items.

  • Multi-shelf timers - Track cooking time of seven different food items in the same oven with multi-shelf timers. Time is tracked in minutes and seconds.

  • Optional ventless hood - Operate this model of Combitherm with the CombiHood® VHes-10 and avoid the need to operate the Combitherm under a costly oven hood. The high-power fan draws steam and fumes into the hood intake and out the top surface exhaust vent, trapping grease as the air moves through the ventilation system. Not available for Combi models equipped with left-hand door hinging or stacked combinations.

  • Auto Cad Drawings

  • CombiTouch Recipe Management Software download and instructions

Save the Revit .zip file(s) to your computer. Navigate to saved .zip file and extract the files.


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