7-14esG Boiler-free Gas Combitherm

  • Capacity - 14 steam/Gastronorm pans; 7 full-size sheet pans.

  • Stacking – Options available to maximize your kitchen floor space. Click Stacking Combinations below for more information.

  • Boiler-free - Boiler-free steam generation eliminates the need for boiler maintenance, which greatly reduces your maintenance, chemical and labor costs as well as downtime.

  • Smoking is allowed - The CombiSmoke™ option uses real wood chips to hot- or cold-smoke any food item, greatly increasing your menu offering. With one CombiClean cycle, smoke residue is eliminated from the oven cavity, providing no flavor carryover. Be sure to specify the CombiSmoke option when placing your order, and be aware that this option reduces the pan capacity by one.

  • Perfect browning - Gold-n-Brown evacuates excess humidity for flawless browning every time.

  • Enhanced Chef Features - Standard and Deluxe models feature Delta-T cooking, adjustable-speed fan, venting, and moisture injection are also featured. Deluxe Models store up to 250 recipes with up to 20 steps per recipe.

  • Optional Automatic Grease Collection System - Designed to save labor and provide greater employee safety by eliminating the handling of hot grease that is normally collected in the drip pan. Through patent pending technology, the system is electronically activated during the cooking process.

  • Auto Cad Drawings

    Space is a premium in any commercial kitchen. That's why many people choose to save space by stacking their CombiOven on top of another piece of equipment.

    Upper Unit

    Lower Unit

    Tech Data

    7-14esG CombiOven
    (14 steam table GN1/1)
    7-14esG CombiOven
    (14 steam table GN1/1)
    6-10esG CombiOven
    (6 steam table GN1/1)
    7-14esG CombiOven
    (14 steam table GN1/1)
    7•14esG Combi Oven
    (14 steam table GN1/1)
    ASC-4G Convection Oven
    (12 full-size sheet pans)
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