AR-6G Gas Rotisserie

  • Capacity - 36-42 whole chickens on 6 skewers.

  • Lit inside and out - The AR-6G features a lighted interior to effectively illuminate the food being cooked. On the outside, a back-lit “Rotisserie” cutout sign completes the attractive design.

  • Excellent theatre effect – Visible flames dance as the food turns in this dramatic presentation. And the full front panel doors ensure you won’t miss one moment of the action.

  • Efficient heat delivery – Behind the rotating food is a battery of three cast iron thermal tiles that provide efficient heat retention to perfectly cook your menu items. Each of the three rotisserie tiles is independently controlled, providing zoned heating flexibility.

  • More than just chickens – Cook turkey, beef, even vegetables with the available rotisserie accessories.

  • Auto Cad Drawings


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