The Alto-Shaam Combitherm® CombiOven™ brings a lot to the table.

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Alto-Shaam Combi-therm combi oven / steamers are available in 18 different model sizes. Intelligent design that responds to the needs of our customers. Innovative performance features. Legendary craftsmanship and dependability. All Combi-therm models are designed with EcoSmart™ technology for reduced energy and water usage, while increasing your production rate by 40 to 60 percent.

All gas models and several electric units incorporate boiler free technology, which utilizes a single burner technology while eliminating time consuming maintenance and service. Plus, the countertop Combi-therm is the only combi oven on the market featuring our patented smoking feature.

Combi-therm takes combi oven / steamers into the future with an easy-to-use automatic electronic control. Cooking controls include an automatic humidity feature, with digital instructions in multiple languages. An optional programmable control has the memory capabilities for up to 250 cooking cycles - each with up to 20 cooking steps.

Standard features also include a patented, automatic steam venting system; a safety feature built into all Combitherm combi oven models. This vents all steam from the combi oven compartment immediately before cooking time expires to protect the operator.

Gold-n-Brown™ an automatic function designed to add additional color to products as needed is another standard feature. Other enhancements include an attached, ergonomic spray hose with back-flow preventer to help prevent water contamination in the event the hose is accidentally dropped on the floor, a slanted control panel to prevent damage from pans or trolleys as they are moved in and out of the combi oven, a self adjusting, flush-mounted rotary door with safety stop steam vent and magnetic door catch, and a removable internal product temperature probe.

The Combi-therm combi oven has many options available to cater to the needs of the individual operation; HACCP documentation with kitchen management software, the ability to stack with another Combi-therm combi oven or convection oven, a Ventless Hood option which allows the Combi-therm combi oven to be located nearly anywhere, and fully interchangeable roll-in carts that work with our Halo Heat holding cabinets and Quickchiller to provide greater production volume with fewer employees. With proper planning, Combi-therm combi oven / steamers can be a time management aid, supporting your food service operation by extending preparation times outside of peak preparation hours. You can be certain Combi-therm combi ovens will exceed the quality you demand in your equipment.