Alto-Shaam booth draws crowds at The NAFEM Show

Alto-Shaam’s newly redesigned booth saw thousands of visitors during The NAFEM Show at the Orange County Convention Center from February 7-9. 

Alto-Shaam’s newly redesigned booth saw thousands of visitors during The NAFEM Show at the Orange County Convention Center from February 7-9. 

The booth featured exciting updates, including back-to-back live cooking demonstrations, the launch of the new Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven, the exclusive Vector® Multi-Cook Oven on display and the new interactive Vector Multi-Cook Minute game.

Back-to-Back Live Cooking

Live cooking demonstrations took place on three stages inside of Alto-Shaam’s booth, including an elevated main demonstration stage and two smaller private stations. The main stage offered a close-up view of cooking techniques with lights and cameras positioned above the chefs’ table and footage displayed on overhead TVs.


Alto-Shaam’s corporate executive chefs provided demonstrations for a variety of foodservice segments. Demo highlights included: 

  • Tim Murphy produced tasty appetizers and entrees throughout the day with the Vector Multi-Cook Oven. In less than 17 minutes, he cooked 12 different food items in the same oven with zero flavor transfer.
  • Chef Robert demonstrated the labor and energy savings of Alto-Shaam’s new Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven in addition to the benefits of implementing a grab-and-go foodservice program for retail operations. 
  • Chef Brett prepared ready-made sandwiches and dishes in the Vector Multi-Cook Oven while demonstrating the precise holding capabilities of Alto-Shaam’s Heated Shelf Merchandisers
  • Chef Kristina prepared delicious treats designed for quick service, coffee shop and bakery operations with Alto-Shaam’s Vector Multi-Cook Oven, Combitherm® Combi Oven and QuickChiller® Blast Chiller. 
  • Chef Rocky shared the safety and consistency benefits of cooking, chilling, finishing and holding with Alto-Shaam equipment for contract foodservice operations, specifically the Combitherm Combi Oven, QuickChiller and Heated Holding Cabinets.
  • Chef Nic shared advice on expanding menus and preparing international dishes with the Original Cook & Hold Oven.
  • Chef Andrew and Chef Issac prepared delicious items for traditional restaurants, including homemade butter in the Cook & Hold Oven and homemade focaccia bread in the Combitherm Combi Oven. 
  • Chef Joe demonstrated the labor savings of Alto-Shaam’s fully integrated banqueting and plated retherm system. 

Additionally, we were excited to have our friend Charlie the Butcher share his famous “Beef on Weck” sandwiches throughout the show. His delicious demos were a big hit with attendees. Three decades ago, Charlie befriended Alto-Shaam founder Jerry Maahs at a foodservice trade show similar to NAFEM, where he saw a Cook & Hold Oven demonstration for the first time. Today, Charlie the Butcher’s Kitchen relies on Cook & Hold Ovens to cook its iconic roast beef overnight and then hold until service the next day.

WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!® What Works! Showcase

Additionally, Alto-Shaam’s Vector Multi-Cook F Series Oven earned a spot in The NAFEM Show’s WHAT’S HOT!®  WHAT’S COOL!® What works! Lounges for its success at WJP Restaurant Group. 

With four restaurants, one kitchen and up to 2,500 customers daily, WJP Restaurant Group needed to maximize space while accommodating vastly different menu items. Alto-Shaam provided a solution that delivered unmatched food production and quality—four Vector Multi-Cook Ovens.

Were you unable to attend The NAFEM Show? See Alto-Shaam’s full line of equipment in action at a free, upcoming  A Taste of Alto-Shaam demo in your area.

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