Effortlessly Introduce a Made to Order Pizza Program

A made-to-order pizza program offers your customers the high quality, delicious food they crave paired with the personalization and customization that keeps them coming back for more. 

Choosing the right ingredients, partners and equipment allows you to execute highly valued made-to-order foodservice pizza programs – all while reducing costs and offering customers high quality food.

Foodservice Pizza Program Options

The core of any successful foodservice pizza program is variety. By choosing flexible cooking equipment, operators can execute menu items ranging from personal pizzas to slices and whole pizzas, while also expanding revenue streams at the highest quality with novelty items, appetizers and sides. 

Vector® H Series Multi-Cook ovens allow you to prepare your entire menu in any space. These ovens allow you to cook up to four different food items simultaneously – with zero flavor transfer. Each chamber has independent temperature, fan speed and cook time controls, providing superior quality and consistency thanks to exclusive Structured Air Technology®. 

Vector ovens are multi-functional, allowing you to replace or relieve multiple pieces of equipment in any space with ventless and waterless operation. Operators can eliminate steps in food production and reduce training and labor with programmable recipes and one-touch cooking. Vector ovens feature ChefLinc™, a remote oven management system that provides network capability to seamlessly push and pull recipes and oven settings from anywhere – to further ensure consistency.

Maintain Food Quality

The minutes between cooking and your customer's consumption are the most critical for maintaining ideal food temperatures and product consistency. Holding and merchandising equipment that utilizes gentle, precise Halo Heat® technology has been the key ingredient for operators introducing a successful made-to-order pizza program.

Our pioneering holding technology evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements or fans that overcook and dry out your pizza, appetizers and sides. Operators can hold a variety of menu items at the optimal temperature once menu items come out of the oven with Heated Shelf Merchandisers that feature individual shelf temperature controls. As an added bonus, Alto-Shaam heated shelf warmers help boost customer impulse sales with LED-lighted shelves, customizable branding and windowed sides.

For more information, watch our recent webinar on Effortlessly Introducing a Made-to-Order Pizza Program

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