Holding Solutions for Off-Premise Programs

Businesses continually have to adapt as their customer’s behaviors and needs change. Learn how to incorporate a self-serve, grab-and-go or to-go experience within your menu offerings using the latest holding solutions.  

Self-service kiosks and grab-and-go food is on the rise, as seen in the growth of quick service restaurants. With the right equipment in-place, operators can optimize their restaurant to streamline grab-and-go, self-service options to improve speed of service.

Here are the top commercial holding cabinets and food warmers to ensure your guests receive full-service quality food at quick-service times. 

Heated Merchandisers

For the customer-facing or grab-and-go operation, Alto-Shaam’s Heated Shelving Merchandisers with top heat offer reliability with a front-of-house appeal. The merchandiser can be placed on the counter or in the front of the house and contains multiple shelves to hold a variety of food options. The temperature of each shelf is individually adjustable with Halo Heat® technology, so there’s no worry that the food will dry out. For convenience during peak hours, staff can easily restock food from the pass-through window on the rear of the unit for any to-go, delivery or pick up service models.

Gentle, Radiant Heated Holding Cabinets

To further ensure the highest food quality for a self-serve experience, foodservice operations are able to hold sell fresh grab-and-go options using gentle, radiant heated holding cabinets. Holding cabinets present the ideal heat-and-hold option for drive-through or pick-up operations. To-go orders can be staged for easy access during customer handoff with a pass-through door for easy loading from the back of the unit. Maintain optimal moisture with the vented doors, and the cabinets have no fan, so there’s no risk of the food drying out. Halo Heat technology gently distributes heat, so the food is kept at the optimal temperature until your customers are ready to go. 

Continue learning more about fast-casual trends and our full line of foodservice equipment solutions, at an upcoming A Taste of Alto-Shaam near you.

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