Implementing a Made-to-Order Pizza Program

Pizza has become a rising menu trend across foodservice industries—from convenience stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and more.

With this rising trend, you might be wondering what it takes to add pizza to your menu effortlessly and without too many added expenses. Luckily, introducing a made-to-order pizza program is simple with a few key pieces of compact, ventless equipment solutions.

The basic necessities of a pizza program are a blast chiller or refrigeration system, an oven to bake the pizzas and a holding solution to keep your pizza hot until service.

Multi-Functional Ovens

The key to an efficient pizza program starts with streamlining the kitchen workflow. Vector® H Series Multi-Cook oven, now available in models with wider chambers, is the perfect match for a made-to-order pizza program. This updated oven has an increased width that can fit up to 16” pizzas, allowing foodservice operators to expand their menu with any type and size pizzas. 

The footprint of the Vector-H Multi-Cook Oven is compact enough to fit on a countertop, and has the functionality of many single-use equipment. Featuring up to three independent chambers, Vector Multi-Cook ovens are capable of simultaneously baking, frying, searing and more.

This ventless oven allows you to cook three different food items at the same time, including up to extra-large pizzas, fries, chicken strips or other sides—without any flavor transfer. 

Due to the ventless design, Vector H is UL certified and does not require a tradition kitchen hood. The addition of a Vector oven will help maximize space and reduce overhead costs altogether.

The Vector Multi-Cook oven comes in a variety of sizes, giving foodservice operators the option to cook multiple food items at once. Vector is available with two, three or four oven chambers. The most recent addition to the lineup is the Vector-H Wide, which features two or three independent oven chambers for optimal pizza program success.

Quality Holding and Display Equipment

A successful pizza program also requires quality holding equipment that extends the shelf life of food without sacrificing quality. Alto-Shaam has a variety of holding solutions that pair perfectly with a made-to-order pizza program.

The latest Heated Shelf Merchandisers pair top heat with our Halo Heat® technology to provide operators with high quality extended holding. Temperatures created by Halo Heat technology enable even holding that leaves food full of moisture and flavor. These updated heated shelf merchandisers create the most even holding without compromising quality.

Heated merchandisers come in floor-standing or countertop models that can be stacked with other equipment solutions to optimize your pizza program.

For more information on how to set up a made-to-order pizza program, watch our on-demand webinar.

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