Service Technicians Recognized for Excellent Service

Alto-Shaam is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of our service technicians for their excellence in supporting our customers and products in the field.  These technicians have served a critical role in ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service.


ASA of the Year

General Parts is recognized as the 2019 Alto-Shaam Authorized Service Agent of the Year.


Ward Shopf – January Recipient

Whaley Foodservice, Florida 

Ward Shopf demonstrated professionalism and thoroughness when providing warranty supporting to Unisource Marketing Group. 


Lee Doss – February Recipient

ATECH, Inc., Tennessee

Lee Doss provided the highest quality technical support to a Vector customer with his positivity, determination and strong communication skills. 


Isaac Rodriguez – March Recipient

Whaley Foodservice, North Carolina

Isaac Rodriguez provided exceptional service to a Vector customer, with his in-depth knowledge of the equipment and exceptional initiative.


Paul Stewart – April Recipient

Whaley Foodservice, North Carolina

Paul Stewart provided exceptional service to a customer with a Combitherm® Oven. He provided superior customer service with his great communication and problem-solving skills. 


Jose Joziuk – May Recipient

AIS Commercial Parts & Service, Ohio

Jose Joziuk superior customer service with his great communication and problem-solving skills.  


Jose Ruvira – June Recipient

United Service Technologies, California

Jose Ruvira provided exemplary service by providing accurate electrical readings and following guidelines with attention to detail.


Antonio Lara – July Recipient

MAS Service, California

Antonio Lara went above and beyond on a service call and was prepared to help a customer with unexpected software needs. 


Calvin Tyler – August Recipient

Eichenhauer Service, Illinois

Calvin Tyler received the Alto-Shaam Technician of the Month award for going above and beyond to help a rotisserie oven customer. His hard work and understanding of Alto-Shaam equipment helped him provide superior support to our customers.


Storm Donald-Huffman – September Recipient

Alaska Food Equipment, Alaska

Storm Donald-Huffman provided exceptional assistance in servicing a Vector Multi-Cook Oven. We appreciate his dedication and service to the customer.


Joel Block – October Recipient

General Parts, Minnesota

Joel went above and beyond in servicing a chain customer. He asked specific and detailed quetions, and provided strong mechanical knowledge and excellent customer service.


Dustin Curtis – November Recipient

General Parts Group, Kentucky

Dustin provided exceptional service when helping a Vector customer with his positivity and speed of service. 


Sean Kelly – December Recipient

Goodwin Tucker, Iowa

Sean was very detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. He was personally invested in finding a solution with the Alto-Shaam technical service team. 


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