The Best Kitchen Equipment for Fast Food Restaurants

In a fast food kitchen, speed and efficiency is virtually everything. Of course, customers want to enjoy a quality meal, but many people visit a fast food restaurant because they don’t have time to waste. To that end, some kitchen equipment lends itself to the fast food business model, which relies on quick cooking processes, holding equipment and limited space. In this guide, we’ve shared fast food equipment recommendations that maintain food quality, while still achieving results in record time.

Combi Ovens

Combi oven combines convection and steam into a single appliance, while also allowing chefs to control temperature and humidity levels independently. This is an excellent choice for a fast food restaurant because it can cook food up to 80% faster than a traditional convection oven. You can rely on a single appliance to roast meat, bake bread, and much more.

Blast Chillers

As poke bowl fast food restaurants continue to spread like wildfire and salads continue to take over menus, it’s useful to have equipment that can quickly freeze fish, greens and produce to keep it fresh. A blast chiller blows fast-moving and extremely cold air over the product, which creates smaller ice crystals than traditional freezing methods. This helps to retain flavor and texture, while also avoiding the temperature “danger zone” where harmful bacteria can grow.

Multi-Cook Ovens

A multi-functional piece of equipment like the Vector® Multi-Cook Oven offers multiple oven chambers with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time controls. This is ideal for a fast food environment, because you can cook several dishes simultaneously within a compact device with zero flavor transfer. Furthermore, a multi-cook oven can handle twice as much food as a traditional convection oven and cook food two times faster, which cuts your production time even further.

Heated Holding Solutions

Once you have cooked the product, you'll need the right equipment to hold food at a consistent temperature to be ready for service. For the most reliable heated holding, we'd recommend you place the product in a heated holding cabinet or drawer warmer. By using such equipment, nutrition, flavor, and moisture are preserved. No need to worry about food overcooking, drying out or losing quality. 

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