The Rise of Self-Serve Experience

Self-service kiosks and grab-and-go food are on the rise and transforming the foodservice industry. According to a 2018 consumer survey, 54% of customers planned to place an order using a self-service kiosk at a quick service or fast casual restaurant in the next year. 

A self-service restaurant can have a significant impact on guest behavior, causing them to make larger orders and grab more food to-go. In this deep dive, we've shared three reasons why self-service food and kiosks might be the best option for your restaurant concept. 

Customers Want to Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Food at Home

In our fast-paced modern world, people are always trying to save time. Pre-made meals have become more popular, with restaurants offering premium ordering and service options. Heated merchandisers and insulated boxes make it possible for consumers to enjoy fresh, gourmet meals that are easy to take on the go. 

Fresh Grab-and-Go Menu Items Made Easy

To prevent dried out hot sandwiches and separated soup bases, foodservice operations are able to sell fresh grab-and-go options by being mindful of the ingredients and the equipment that they use. For example, fast-casual chains will have a full in-house menu, while also offering pre-made grab-and-go food options that are prepared fresh daily and held at the highest quality using gentle, radiant heated holding equipment solutions.  When creating a grab-and-go menu, operators need to craft meals around the ingredients that stay fresh the longest and hold at a higher quality for guests. 

Self-Service Kiosks Growing in Popularity

The adoption of self-service kiosks is the future. Almost every industry is adopting this new technology to some degree, but many restaurants are transforming their business models with kiosks as a centerpiece. Guests love having the option to order without waiting for an available cashier, and they actually spend more money when ordering by kiosk. In a recent case study by Appetize, kiosks had a 21% larger order size on average, when compared to manned registers. They also provide added insights about the restaurant's most popular add-on items, allowing owners to adapt the touchscreen layout and feature those items more prominently. 

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