Vector® Multi-Cook Oven to be Showcased in WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!® What Works! Program at the NAFEM Show

For one Alabama restaurant group with four restaurants, one kitchen and up to 2,500 customers daily, the challenge they faced was simply—how. WJP Restaurant Group was looking to maximize space while accommodating vastly different menu items across their four entities. Alto-Shaam provided them with a solution that delivered unmatched food production and quality—four Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens.

The success of this collaboration has earned Alto-Shaam a spot in the WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!® What Works! showcase at the NAFEM Show. The program highlights success stories from exhibiting companies that are innovative and proven to have helped play a major role in an operator’s success in the foodservice industry.

The Vector Multi-Cook Oven’s exclusive Structured Air Technology® allows operators to control temperature and fan speed inside four individual chambers. This technology allows four different food items to be simultaneously cooked at their optimal setting with zero flavor transfer. In the 40 years WJP Restaurant Group’s vice president and partner, Michael Northern has been in the restaurant business, he has not seen results this impressive until he installed the Vector Multi-Cook Ovens. 

“Our Alto-Shaam ovens have improved the ability of our team to produce the highest quality, most consistent product that I have ever seen in my career,” Northern said. “We have been able to increase production and provide menu flexibility, all while improving food quality and reducing labor costs.”

To hear more about WJP Restaurant Group’s success story and learn more about the Vector Multi-Cook Oven, visit one of the WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges located throughout the show floor or visit Alto-Shaam at booth 900. 

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