Auro Chocolate Switches to Space Saving Oven Technology

Restaurant success is a goal every business owner aims to achieve. It becomes harder to make that a reality when you’re tight on space with no ability to install an extractor hood.

For Mrs. Kelly Go and business partner Mark Mendoza Ocampo, owners of Auro Chocolate, the challenge of space was no different. Located in a heavy traffic area in Manila, Philippines, they needed a ventless oven that could produce a variety of menu items across dayparts, from hot sandwiches to breads to pastries.

“Microwave wouldn’t be able to cook the food on our menu,” they said. “We also couldn’t bring in frozen pre-prepared food to the space without the ability for bulk freezer storage. So, microwave assist ovens were not an option.”

The owners discovered Alto-Shaam’s Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven as a solution for their 15 square-meter café, giving them the speed, quality, variety, and consistency of food required.

Now, the retail location is able to serve more than 1,000-customers weekly with a single Vector H2H oven.

The oven features two independent chambers that have independent fan speeds, temperature and cook time controls—functioning as two independent ovens in one ventless footprint.

This allows for different foods to be cooked simultaneously, at the ideal setting of each item, without any flavor transfer. The oven is particularly useful for being able to cook hot sandwiches and bake pastry items at the same time, without more savory sandwiches tasting like chocolate, and vice versa. As an added bonus, the oven has a user-friendly interface with programmable recipes to ensure consistency and reduce the need for skilled labor for the café.

“Vector is a very simple and versatile piece of equipment that opens up the potential of our cooking space,” Mrs. Go and Mr. Mendoza Ocampo said, “The Vector also gives us minimal shrinkage to maximize profits.”

Thanks to Alto-Shaam’s exclusive Structured Air Technology®, Vector cooks foods quickly and evenly, saving on labor costs by eliminating the need to babysit the cooking process. This allows Auro Chocolate’s staff to free up time to complete other needed tasks, like serve customers or prep their stand. The patented technology of Vector delivers high velocity, vertical upward and downward airflow that delivers more consistent cooking quality.

To find out more about Alto-Shaam’s Vector Multi-Cook Ovens, visit our product page.

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