Chef and Co-Owner Andrew Wilson searched for an oven that would allow him to execute his vision for a new restaurant concept in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

A rustic-meets-Victorian-style restaurant, Brandywine opened its doors in 2018 with a menu that marries Italian cuisine with fresh, seasonal Wisconsin ingredients.

Initially, Wilson explored convection ovens, but with menu items ranging in flavor profile—from yellowfin tuna to toasted bread—he knew he needed an oven that was multi-functional, flexible and able to be operated outside of a traditional ventilation hood. 

Wilson ultimately chose the Alto-Shaam ventless Vector® H Series Multi-Cook oven because it provided unmatched food volume and variety in a small space for his menu.

“Vector really caught my eye,” Wilson said. “It fit the menu ideas I had perfectly.”

With a single Vector H Series oven, he is able to cook up to three food items simultaneously at different temperatures, fan speeds and cook time controls—all in a compact, ventless footprint. With Structured Air Technology®, Wilson and his team are able to cook food at the highest quality and consistency without the need to rotate pans and micromanage the cooking process.

Advanced Control Made Effortlessly Easy

Today, Wilson’s kitchen is equipped with the new Vector H Series oven, which features Alto-Shaam’s most advanced control yet.

“The new, user-friendly interface is really fool proof,” Wilson said. “It’s so easy that my cooks can also develop and dial-in recipes.”

Designed intentionally simple, the new user-friendly interface significantly reduces training time. The control features multi-step, programmable recipes to ensure menu consistency in between shift changes. Operators can upload their own images, categorize food items and filter recipes for seamless cooking. Additionally, enhanced diagnostics keep foodservice operations up and running with easily accessible oven status updates and service details.

To learn more about Vector Multi-Cook Ovens, please visit www.alto-shaam.com/vector.


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