Eetcafe Westgaag

A diner in Maasdijk, Netherlands has seen a boost in kitchen efficiency and food quality since using Alto-Shaam heated holding solutions, including drawer warmers, holding cabinets and food wells. 

Eetcafé Westgaag serves up to 400 meals per day in the heart of Coldenhove industrial park. By preparing meals 2-3 hours before service and holding at the ideal temperature, Eetcafé is able to serve food at the highest quality, quickly. 

The diner’s steak, ribs and chicken keep their moisture and flavor thanks to Alto-Shaam drawer warmers. Eetcafé also holds warm sauces in Alto-Shaam food wells and freshly baked bread in a holding cabinet. These heated holding solutions use Halo Heat® technology to keep food hot and fresh without the use of added water or harsh heating elements. 

The boost in efficiency and food quality has allowed Eetcafé Westgaag to increase their profits by adding catering orders. And service has been less stressful for their employees—even with the additional orders.  
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