Five Joints at 5 Points

Terence Williams first encountered an Alto-Shaam oven four decades ago as a fifteen-year-old boy, elbow-deep inside an original Cook & Hold Oven for routine maintenance. Since then, Terence has pursued his dream of owning a restaurant by taking every job opportunity he could inside of a kitchen.

Now, as the owner of Waukesha-based Five Joints @ 5 Points—a cooperative-style facility with five separate “joints” in one—Terence is living his dream, while also helping chefs who hope to someday run their own restaurant. The ultimate goal of Terence’s Five Joints @ 5 Points is to foster a positive learning environment through hands-on experience. 

True to his Texas roots, Terence’s restaurant is all about barbeque. During the development stages, Terence was convinced that he would stick to the standards and traditions of his home state. Particularly, he envisioned himself smoking his competition-grade meats overnight with wood and soot in an outside smoker.

However, when city regulations prohibited the use of an outdoor smoker on the property, Terence was at a crossroads and had to find an alternative method. After one demonstration of Alto-Shaam’s Combitherm Oven with CombiSmoke® feature, Terence happily found the solution to his problem.

“Changing my life at this age didn’t come easy, but when I was introduced to Alto-Shaam, I was reborn.” Terence said. “I can now mass produce my meats with impeccable consistency, flavor and without the mess of a traditional smoker.”

Using the Combitherm’s seamlessly-integrated CombiSmoke feature, Terence is able to smoke his high-quality meats using real wood chips and without worrying about residual odors or flavors being left in the oven after the cooking process, as all smoke residue is removed with a single self-cleaning cycle. 

Additionally, Terence loves that his Combitherm Oven is programmable; so anyone can produce the same quality product just as he would at the touch of a button. He appreciates that he could train his staff in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Terence said he is glad that he can introduce his chefs to Alto-Shaam, because he knows that he is spreading the word about a product he truly believes in. 

The Five Joints @ 5 Points kitchens are stocked with several additional Alto-Shaam products, including the revolutionary Vector® Multi-Cook Oven and holding cabinets featuring Halo Heat® technology. Terence believes Alto-Shaam ovens are the best he has ever used. 

“I’m too old to play games,” Terence said. “If this weren’t true, I would not be telling you this.” 

For more information on the Combitherm Combi Oven, please visit www.alto-shaam.com/en/products/combitherm-combi-oven/ctp7-20

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