Alejandro Bastida Isasi


Alto-Shaam Latin America

Chef Alejandro Bastida Isasi has more than 20 years of foodservice industry experience. Over these years, Alejandro has held various roles and positions, expanding his knowledge and skills in different areas of foodservice. Currently, he owns Isasi Catering and his own restaurant A Mi Maner! He also founded two culinary schools and works as a chef for Alto-Shaam Latin America. 

Isasi Catering was founded by Alejandro in 2006. Alejandro is responsible for developing menus, preparing large quantities of dishes, training personnel, pricing recipes, and customer service.

Chef Alejandro also has profound skills in culinary education, as he spent 17 years as a culinary instructor. In 2008 he founded The Culinary School of Morelos, and five years later he founded The Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Morelos. Not only does Alejandro have experience consulting and teaching, but he also opened his own restaurant in August of 2016, A Mi Manera!, which features Mexican cuisine. 

Alejandro is a specialist in industrial cooking and equipment, specifically Combitherm® ovens and QuickChillers™.

Alejandro can be reached at

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