Chef Andy Mayeshiba

Corporate Chef


Chef Andy Mayeshiba has 20 years of foodservice experience. Prior to joining Alto-Shaam, he worked in the fine dining, hotel, private catering, corporate catering, and casino foodservice industries. Andy received his formal training at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

After attending an Alto-Shaam seminar as a restaurant chef, Chef Andy was inspired to leave his position in the kitchen to help fellow chefs get the most from their Alto-Shaam equipment. He joined the team in 2007.

Andy is responsible for culinary training, applications, and support for our customers and partners, as well as research and development testing. His customer support responsibilities include equipment training and menu development.

Andy’s favorite piece of Alto-Shaam equipment to cook with is the CT PROformance™ Combitherm® combi oven, and his favorite ingredient to cook with is smoked paprika.

“Alto-Shaam creates tools that solve specific challenges, rather than create solutions and then go looking for problems to solve,” Andy says. “Through the responsible use of technology, chefs can regain life balance in an industry with a high burnout rate.”


Corporate chef takes culinary skills worldwide

Cooking Rice in the Combi Oven

When cooking rice in the combi oven, you don’t need as much water. The humid environment in the oven’s cavity will not absorb moisture compared boiling on the stovetop in a kitchen with dry air. Use only one part of liquid to one part of rice when cooking in the combi oven.

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