Chef Ryan Norman

Corporate Executive Chef


Chef Ryan Norman has 21 years of experience in the foodservice industry, the majority of which was spent working in fine dining and hotels. He also has experience as a foodservice consultant, which led to his connections with Alto-Shaam.

Ryan has been with Alto-Shaam since 2013. He is responsible for culinary training, applications, and support for our customers and partners, as well as research and development testing. His customer support responsibilities include equipment training and menu development.

Ryan’s favorite pieces of Alto-Shaam equipment to cook with are the CT Express Combitherm combi oven because of its ability to fit into a small space and the QC2-20 QuickChiller™ because of its ability to double as a blast chiller and a workspace. Ryan enjoys cooking with seasonal ingredients, including squash and beets in the fall and winter, morels in the spring, and scallops in the summer.

“Alto-Shaam equipment is designed to make the chef’s life a little less hectic while providing better quality food,” Ryan says. “Life in the kitchen is very hectic, and the hours are long. If I can provide a chef with a solution that might free up an hour of his or her day, allowing for a bit more free time, it is rewarding.  I’ve lived on that side of the world, and know how precious that extra half hour of sleep can be.”

Crème Fraîche Made in Less Time

Make crème fraîche faster than ever before in a Cook & Hold oven. Set your Cook & Hold at 83°F and place the cream you want to culture into the unit.  The controlled environment makes the culturing process speed up.

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