Dave DeBrot

Rep Chef

Illinois and Wisconsin

Dave DeBrot, a rep chef with Mirkovich-Casper, serves in Illinois and Wisconsin.  He receive his formal culinary education from Grand Rapids Community College. In addition to having his ServSafe certification, he received his rep chef level 2 certification from Alto-Shaam in 2015.

“The biggest impact on me with rep chef training was getting to meet the other chefs from around the country and Canada and share ideas, techniques and trends,” Dave says.  “The wealth of information available from all these people is astounding, and it is a huge benefit to have them as a resource for trouble shooting, food trending and menu and recipe development.  There is a great feeling of team and family within the chef network and staying linked through email, phone and social media is an invaluable tool for us to remain in contact.

Dave can be contacted at dave@mirkovich.com or 630-450-5038.

Tips and Tricks: Research the Why

I spend quite a bit of time on Youtube looking up videos displaying cooking techniques and tips.  Some of my favorites date back to Julia Child and Jacques Pépin and some of the classic preparations that we tend to forget about.  Also food science books, articles and online information are all important tools to use.  Understanding how to cook using a particular technique is only part of the process ... it isn't until we understand "why" we use that technique that we truly become valuable.

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