Pierre Robert

Sales Director and Corporate Chef

Quebec, Canada

Pierre Robert is Alto-Shaam sales director and corporate chef in Québec, Canada, where he has worked for more than 15 years.

Pierre’s foodservice experience includes work in the hotel and gastronomic restaurant industries and also includes competitions, TV participation, and TV and magazine publicity.

Pierre worked with his first Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven in 1984 as a chef. In 1999, he was asked to work for Alto-Shaam.

“It took me two seconds to say “yes” because of the passion I had for the products and training,
 Pierre says.

Pierre enjoys his job where he combines his love for cooking with his passion for the training and development of other chefs. He likes answering other chefs’ questions and recommending Alto-Shaam products as a premium cooking solution with maximum food quality while saving energy costs.

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