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Q:How do I check the status on my purchase order?


 Please contact Customer Service with any questions by visiting: Customer Support.

Q:Is there a smoker kit that can be obtained and added to an existing Combi?

Kits are available to add a smoker to the Combitherm oven. Please contact  the Parts Department at 800-558-8744, then press 4

Q:Does Alto-Shaam offer drop shipping?

Alto-Shaam will ship directly to customers who purchase parts through a dealer with no additional fee to the customer.

Q:How can I tell the age of a unit? Does the serial number indicate the age?

The serial number on your unit does not determine its age.  To request the year of your unit, please contact our Technical Service or the Parts Departments by visiting: Technical Service.

Q:How do I know what cleaner I should use for my unit?

ES, ESI and ESG Combitherm Ovens use CE-28892. CTP and CTC Combitherm Ovens use CE-36354 or CE-36457.  All Combitherm Ovens may use descaler and single bottle sprays CE-27889 and CE-26277. The old Combitherm case may use CE-24750. Vector Multi-Cook Ovens use the following cleaners: CE-39136, CE-39137, CE-39247 and CE-39249. 

Q:How can I see the technical information on my unit?

Please reference the technical publication on your equipment by visiting: Resources.

Q:How long is my equipment's warranty?

All units come standard with a one-year warranty. An additional one-year warranty may be purchased at an additional charge. 

Q:What does my error code mean?


 Please contact Technical Support with any questions by visiting: Technical Service.

Q:The equipment model doesn’t show up, how can I find parts for this equipment?


Please contact the Parts Department by visiting: Technical Service

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