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Q:Can I connect my oven with ChefLinc™ to the public network used by my customers?


Alto-Shaam does not recommend connecting your oven to a public network.  Public networks add a high level of risk to data shared on a network with uncontrolled traffic.

Q:Can I set up a Wi-Fi connection after using the oven?


Yes, you can connect to Wi-Fi at any time regardless of how long the oven has been in operation. You can also modify your settings on the oven to connect again if you change your network, add a network, or change a password.  

Q:Can I use a wired network for ChefLinc™?


Yes, you can connect your oven to the cloud via Ethernet connection.  Alto-Shaam provides a kit to install on your oven for Ethernet use. Please contact your Alto-Shaam representative to request pricing and availability of Kit #5030518 for field installation of the Ethernet port. Please note, Cook & Hold Ovens can be ordered with this Ethernet option factory-installed.

Q:Can ChefLinc™ connect to a mobile hotspot?


Yes, you can connect the oven to a mobile hotspot if it provides a WPA2 access point within the frequency bands above.

Q:Can I ChefLinc™ connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network?


No, Alto-Shaam ovens will only connect to a WPA2 secured network to ensure the privacy of your data.

Q:Can someone hack my ovens if I network them?


Any device connected to Wi-Fi is vulnerable to “hacking”; however, Alto-Shaam has several layers of protection to prevent intrusion.  These include the security of your Wi-Fi access point, data encryption on the oven, and proprietary message structures.  Alto-Shaam has also eliminated the possibility of remote oven operation through the system’s design.

Q:How do I check the status on my purchase order?


 Please contact Customer Service with any questions by visiting: Customer Support.

Q:Is there a smoker kit that can be obtained and added to an existing Combi?

Kits are available to add a smoker to the Combitherm oven. Please contact  the Parts Department at 800-558-8744, then press 4

Q:Does Alto-Shaam offer drop shipping?

Alto-Shaam will ship directly to customers who purchase parts through a dealer with no additional fee to the customer.

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