Rapid cooking solutions for your grab & go menu. A small footprint designed for small operations, such as bakeries, coffee shops, quick-service restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and bars. Intuitive touch controls make it quick and easy to finish sandwiches and cook baked goods, pizza and other appetizers.

Hi-Speed Ovens

  • XL-300 Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven
    Single magnetron for rapid cooking

  • XL-400 Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven
    Dual magnetrons for even faster cooking & recovery

Rethink Fast Food

Rapid cooking technology with a true touchscreen, picture-based control delivers consistency and quality at your fingertips. Elevate your menu in seconds.

Redefining Fast Food

XL-400_breakfast-sandwiches_hr.jpgAlto-Shaam’s high-speed ovens are much faster than typical cooking methods. By combining microwave technology and forced air impingement. the Xcelerate hi-speed oven can cook up to 10 times faster than a convection oven. It’s simple to defrost bagels, bake croissants, reheat appetizers, and cook full entrees with the same device.

The highly compact design is ideal for a café, hotel meal service, or convenience store. Small enough to be placed on a kitchen counter, and powerful enough to cook a frozen pizza in under two minutes, this oven elevates highspeed cooking to an art form.

Designed by Alto-Shaam, the Xcelerate’s impingement plate is fashioned with holes that spin air and focus it onto food in concentrated bursts. To put things in perspective, the average oven takes about 18 minutes to cook chicken strips; Alto-Shaam’s speed cooking ovens, however, can achieve the same result in 90 seconds. Working in a cramped environment with high turnaround, this hi-speed oven is the most cost-effective and efficient option. A la carte orders can be cooked within minutes, so small servings have never been easier.

The oven’s built-in catalytic converter removes vapors, smoke, and odors, eliminating any need for an exhaust hood and saving money in the process. When it’s time to clean up, the oven’s removable food tray, panini griddle, and other accessories are simple to wash.

Controls on Alto-Shaam’s speed ovens are intuitive and precise, letting users find their ideal settings and know that they’ll taste the same delicious results. Temperature, airflow, and cooking time can be selected from the touchscreen, which displays picture-based icons of various foods. Users can store up to 100 unique programs — each with its own cooking instructions. 

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