Catering Checklist for Banquets

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There are a ton of variables to keep in mind when planning a banquet, so it’s important to create a catering equipment list that you can refer to throughout the process.

In this guide, we’ve shared a banquet equipment checklist for the planning stage, so that you don’t forget crucial items like kitchen utensils. Use this checklist as a springboard for your own small or large function.


Of course, you need cooking appliances for your catering buffet, and a Combitherm Oven should be at the top of your list. Combi ovens are versatile units combining steam and convection, serving your wide variety of cooking needs. The same oven can be used to dehydrate vegetables, roast pork, steam rice, smoke brisket, and bake loaves of bread. 


It’s important to keep perishable items fresh (especially meats), so they should be stored in a refrigerator that stays below 40°F. You may also want to invest in a QuckChiller™​ blast chiller for fast and safe freezing, or a refrigerated transport cart to quickly move food around the banquet.

Heated Holding

Every banquet equipment checklist needs a form of Halo Heat® technology to keep food hot and ready for service. Heated Holding equipment will also support food production and extend preparation times while maintaining the highest quality of food. 

Pots, Pans, and Other Kitchenware

Of course, any banquet equipment checklist is incomplete without kitchenware. Figure out how many pots and pans you’ll need by going through the entire menu, gauging the number of guests, and seeing how much oven and stovetop space you have.

Beverage Station

Next, consider all the equipment you’ll need to stock a proper beverage station with water, coffee, soda, and more. At a minimum, you should bring an air-pot for hot drinks, a cooler for cold drinks, enough cups and glasses to serve the guests, and cream and sugar for the coffee.

After reviewing this banquet checklist and your current banqueting needs, request a quote to begin your new banquet catering adventure. 

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