Our Vision

To inspire our customers with innovative products and services in every kitchen around the world.

Our Mission

To Our Customers:

  • We will listen to understand your needs and exceed your expectations at every touch point. 

To Our Family:

  • We will provide a career that allows you to make a difference in a safe, team-oriented environment, offering learning opportunities for self-growth and development because we are in business forever.
  • As a shareholder, you will be rewarded for your valuable contribution through gain sharing.

Our Values

Our HIGH FIVES are core to what sets Alto-Shaam apart and defines our success.

HIGHest quality: We are passionate about providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Family – Our people are the key to our success. Our team of co-workers worldwide is our Alto-Shaam family. We help each other succeed through collaboration, respectful communication with facts and data, integrity in all that we do, and action to drive results. We are one team, with one goal.

Innovation – We constantly strive to find better ways to design products that solve our customers’ challenges, finding new paths and improving processes.

Value – We provide products and services that offer a timely return on investment for our customers.

Education – We empower customers and employees through knowledge. Whether through technical training, culinary resources, seminars or educational materials, we provide them with learning opportunities to enhance their businesses or professional growth.

Service – We delight our external and internal customers by providing superior customer service and culinary and technical support.

Quality Policy

Alto-Shaam is dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction by understanding and meeting our customers’ needs. We are committed to a world-class quality management system and continually improving our products and processes.

We understand that all departments and employees impact the quality of our products and services at every touch point. We conduct best practices to meet our vision “to inspire our customers with innovative products and services in every kitchen around the world.”

Eco Smart

In this age of environmental awareness and stewardship, manufacturers everywhere are furiously updating their product designs and factories to be seen as being more eco-friendly. At Alto-Shaam, that’s not exactly the case.

While we are committed to designing green products in an eco-efficient manner, this approach has been at the center of our business and manufacturing philosophy since Jerry Maahs innovated Halo Heat® technology in the early 1960s.

Since then, Alto-Shaam has developed products with the mindset that excessive energy and water consumption are not needed to produce high quality food. In fact, we’ve found that the efficient use of power and water is the key to controlling and enhancing food quality, not to mention reducing operating and life cycle costs to our customers.

We’ve also taken the same attitude in developing our facilities. Prudent use of construction and lighting, materials handling, manufacturing technology and waste-management has shown to be not only an effective way to cook, but also the best way to build a world-class manufacturing facility.

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