Alto-Shaam has decades of experience serving a variety of markets. Our versatile product line is ready to meet all your commercial foodservice challenges. Whether your industry requires equipment with a small footprint, theatre style display cases, low energy consumption or quality food holding and food transportation equipment, Alto-Shaam's diverse product line has a solution. Discover how Alto-Shaam can improve your food service operations:


Consultants - Every project has different requirements and limitations. Count on Alto-Shaam to provide valuable information, quality equipment and true partnership so you can supply your clients with the best possible kitchen solutions.

Corporate Dining - Many companies have begun to offer in-house dining options as convenient and healthy alternatives to offsite fast food. Without the necessary budget and kitchen staff, it can be difficult to provide a quality menu that will keep employees on site. Alto-Shaam offers a variety of product solutions that can increase food quality while eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Correctional Facilities - Between tight budgets, staffing concerns and inmate expectation, it can be difficult to provide a quality menu. Alto-Shaam offers a variety of product solutions that can increase the quality of your food while eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Military - Napoleon Bonaparte's wisdom remains true today. Military units require top quality, high volume food day after day without interruption. Dependable Alto-Shaam combi ovens cook large quantities of food faster than conventional ovens, while requiring less labor and energy.

Healthcare - Studies show that good quality food helps patients heal faster. Healthcare facility menus have begun offering fresher, healthier ingredients, changing the way hospital food is viewed by patients, visitors and hospital staff members. Now, more than ever, versatile, efficient equipment is a requirement.

Banquets & Catering - The occasion may vary -- wedding, corporate function, or a fundraiser -- but each plate served to guests needs to be consistently cooked to perfection and served at the right moment. Don’t let unforeseen delays ruin dinner. Make their celebration memorable with quality food that is cooked and held at the perfect temperature in Alto-Shaam equipment.

Hotels - Good food makes a trip memorable and can lead to positive recommendations for future travelers. Provide fresh, delicious meals to your guests, and they will be re-energized after a long day of traveling, attending business conventions or sight-seeing with family. Make their time away from home unforgettable.

Casinos - Casino foodservice is no longer viewed as just another tactic to keep gamblers on the betting floor. Casino restaurants now employ some of the world's most respected chefs, and patrons who dine at these restaurants expect a five-star experience. Alto-Shaam is committed to helping provide this experience with equipment that delivers the highest quality results every time.

Full-Service Restaurants - Whether you’re looking for equipment that will accommodate a small kitchen, heavy customer volume, or unique menu items, Alto-Shaam has a solution for you. By moving away from traditional convection and range cooking methods, and using Alto-Shaam equipment in your kitchen, you can reduce cooking times and labor costs while increasing the quality of your food.

QSR & Fast-Casual Restaurants - When dining at a quick- service or fast casual restaurant, customers expect their food to arrive quickly and taste great, so kitchens need to be equipped to meet both challenges. Alto-Shaam ovens can work at a faster rate than conventional ovens and use Halo Heat™ technology to cook your food gently and evenly, ensuring the highest quality product every time.

Convenience Stores - With innovative technologies available in Alto-Shaam’s compact, countertop and ventless cooking equipment, convenience stores can incorporate higher levels of precision and quality into their food preparation. It's not all about hot dogs anymore – expanded breakfast options, fresh bakery, gourmet sandwiches and grab & go meal solutions will keep customers coming back.

Supermarkets - In order to create a quality prepared foods department, supermarkets need to consider challenges including customer demographics, food preparation and safety, and menu development and labor needs. Alto-Shaam provides a systematic approach to retail food production that minimizes investment while maximizing bottom line results.

College & University - It's a big transition when students leave home for the first time and find themselves away from their families, their friends and their favorite comfort foods. The key to a financially solid foodservice program is keeping kids on campus where they can eat healthy, balanced meals while focusing on their education, extracurricular activities and creating life-long memories.

K-12 Schools - Children need quality and nutritious food to be fueled for a full day of learning. School districts across the nation are now tasked with improving their lunch menus in order to follow safety guidelines and government regulations. Alto-Shaam understands these challenges and offers a variety of products that help schools meet these regulations.

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