500-HW Halo Heat Drop-in Hot Food Well

5 full-size pan capacity

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Halo Heat® Drop-In Hot Food Well allows for precise temperature holding and steam-free, versatile display options. The 500-HW contains a five 4-inch or 6-inch deep pan capacity with optional large flange design and offers longer holding capability without the hazards and costs associated with steam-heated equipment. A simple electrical hookup is all you need, with no water, plumbing or water related installation or service costs. 

  • Capacities:
    • 500-HW/D4: 4-3/8" (111mm) depth, accepts five (5) full-size (gastronorm) pans.
    • 500-HWLF/D4: 4-3/8" (111mm) depth, large flange design, accepts five (5) full-size (gastronorm) pans. 
    • 500-HW/D6: 6-3/8" (162mm) depth, accepts five (5) full-size (gastronorm) pans.
    • 500-HWLF/D6: 6-3/8" (162mm) depth, accepts five (5) full-size (gastronorm) pans.
  • Adjustable thermostat – The 500-HW hot well comes with an adjustable thermostat mounted on a remote-located control. Thermostat also can be flush-mounted onto a countertop.
  • Two pan depth options – Comes in two versions to accommodate either 4-inch or 6-inch deep pans.
  • Large flange construction – Matches our cold well series for a coordinated line-up.


500-HW Halo Heat Drop-in Hot Food Well

5 full-size pan capacity

Features & Benefits

Simple Installation

Halo Heat radiant technology requires no water or plumbing connections resulting in simplified installation into any fabricated surface or fixture.

Reclaim Lost Space

Reclaim valuable lost undercounter space that is typically used for plumbing connections. Now you can support your hot food station with undercounter heated or refrigerated storage in order to streamline production and service areas.

Consistent Food Quality

Gentle Halo Heat surrounds your food allowing you to hold at proper temperatures without overcooking or drying food out.

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