EC2 Series Heated Display Case

3 Size Options Available

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Show off your food’s best side with an EC2 heated display case. Halo Heat® display cases are environmentally friendly, provide better food quality, reduce food waste, and require no water connections or drains.

  • Design – the EC2 Series features a flat glass front and full-size, half-size and third-size surface display pan configurations
  • Variations 48-inch (61-centimeter) length holds three full-size pans. 72-inch (183-centimeter) length holds five full-size pans. 96-inch (244-centimeter) length holds seven full-size pans. Available as counter top case or with a custom decorator base.
  • Reduced food waste With Halo Heat’s extended holding life, you are able to serve your food longer and increase your profit margin by converting more food into sales. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Lower utility consumption and the elimination of all water related connections and costs help conserve natural resources while reducing ongoing operating costs.
  • Versatile applications – Choose from full-service display, self-service display, or a combination of these configurations.


EC2 Series Heated Display Case

3 Size Options Available

Features & Benefits

Water-free Heating Technology

Elimination of water means reduced construction and installation costs, no water supply and drainage costs, reduced safety and sanitation issues, and improved food quality and presentation

Design Continuity

Designed to match the profile of industry leading refrigerated display cases to maintain a continuous display presentation.

Easy Cleaning

The tempered front glass can be lifted to a 90° angle for easy cleaning and safe and efficient loading or unloading of the display case.

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