ED2-2S Series 2 Shelf Heated Display Case

3 Size Options Available

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Show off your food’s best side in an ED2-2S heated display case. Halo Heat® display cases are environmentally friendly, provide better food quality, reduce food waste, and require no water connections or drains.

  • Design – The ED2/2S Series is a self-service heated display unit featuring a curved glass front canopy and multiple shelves.
  • Variations – 48-inch (61-centimeter) length holds three full-size pans. 72-inch (183-centimeter) length holds five full-size pans. 96-inch (244-centimeter) length holds seven full-size pans. Available as either counter top heated display unit or with a custom decorator base.
  • Reduced food waste – With Halo Heat, food has an extended shelf life, maximizing display, food quality and sales. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Lower utility consumption and the elimination of all water related connections and costs help conserve natural resources while reducing ongoing operating costs.
  • Thermal kinetic glass shelf – independently controlled top shelf allows food to be held and displayed at precise and ideal temperatures.


ED2-2S Series 2 Shelf Heated Display Case

3 Size Options Available

Features & Benefits

Design Continuity

Designed to match the profile of industry leading refrigerated display cases to maintain a continuous display presentation.


Gentle, radiant Halo Heat keeps food at the optimum temperature longer, without overcooking or drying food out.

Water-free Heating Technology

Elimination of water means reduced construction and installation costs, no water supply and drainage costs, reduced safety and sanitation issues, and improved food quality and presentation

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