HSM-38 Heated Open Shelf Merchandiser

3 shelves, 24 lb (11 kg) max per shelf

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If you’re featuring chickens, ribs, and other hot food items in boats with dome covers, the freestanding HSM-38/3S is your merchandiser of choice. Three (3) angled shelves and efficient use of space will help you increase your offering and your sales. We use gentle radiant Halo Heat® to keep food at the optimum temperature longer, without drying the items out prematurely. 

  • Capacity – 3 shelves, 24 chicken boats with dome covers total.
  • Precisely heated shelves – Each of the three thermal kinetic shelves are independently controlled allowing for exact and consistent warming for specific food type, density, and packaging.
  • Space-saving display – The vertically stacked shelf design maximizes the amount of product you can display in a small linear footprint.
  • Works in many locations – Display can be used as an end-cap, in-line, or free-standing. Optional rear sliding glass doors allow full access without impeding service areas.


HSM-38 Heated Open Shelf Merchandiser

3 shelves, 24 lb (11 kg) max per shelf

Features & Benefits

Convenience Display

Capitalize on grab and go convenience for your hot foods program. Heated display merchandisers attractively display foods on 3 accessible heated shelves.

Reduced Waste

Gentle halo heat radiates from the independently controlled kinetic thermal glass shelves, maintaining food temperature and freshness over longer periods of time. Better quality means more sales and less shrink

Menu Flexibility

Independently controlled kinetic thermal glass shelving creates the ability to ideally adjust surface temperatures to keep foods hot and fresh, regardless of food type, density or packaging.

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