767-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven

100 lb (45 kg), 9 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

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Introduce new, bold flavors to your menu with the 767-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven. Use hot or cold smoke to prepare anything from brisket to cheese in your smoker oven. Our smokers use Halo Heat® technology to gently surround your food, cooking it to perfection while also providing a better yield. Calculate your savings here. Choose from mild, medium or heavy smoke flavor using our smoker timer. 

  • Capacity – 100 pounds (45 kilograms), 9 full-size/GN 1/1 pans, 5 sheet pans.
  • Stacking – Options available to maximize your kitchen floor space.
  • Precise electronic controls – The digital display gives you maximum control of the cooking process. 
  • Easy to use – Eight programmable menu buttons store favorite recipes in memory, with separate cook temperature, hold temperature, time, and probe temperature set points.
  • Consistent heat – The SureTemp™ heat recovery system provides immediate heat recovery whenever the door is opened.


767-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven

100 lb (45 kg), 9 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

Features & Benefits

Menu Extension

Create your signature menu items with our smoker. Hot or cold smoke anything from meat and seafood to cheese, adding bold flavors to your favorite recipes.

Labor Reduction

Set and forget this smoker! Smoke overnight and this oven automatically switches into holding, reducing your labor costs.

Greater Yield

Halo Heat surrounds your food, gently cooking it while retaining its natural moisture. Experience higher yields of meat and the benefits of better quality at lower cost.


"Not only is the equipment great, but so is the support"

Proud Owner: Combitherm®, smoker, Cook & Hold and rotisserie ovens and holding cabinets

Geisinger Health Systems has used Alto-Shaam equipment for over 20 years, including Combitherm combi ovens, smoker ovens, Cook & Hold ovens, holding cabinets and rotisserie ovens.

Steve Cerullo, Senior Foodservice Director, said what he likes best about the Alto-Shaam ovens is the ease of use, dependability and reliability. Geisinger Health Systems uses the Alto-Shaam equipment daily in the production kitchens, retail operations and room service.

 “Not only is the equipment great, but so is the support,” Steve said. “We've had our chefs at the Alto-Shaam test kitchen where they learned a ton about the Alto Shaam products and how to best use them. We also have fantastic access to the corporate chefs and sales team direct from the factory. None of them have EVER let us down when we needed something.”

"The oven produces a moist and cooked-to-perfection product."

Proud Owner: Combitherm®, smoker and Cook & Hold ovens

Justin Evans, Sous Chef for New York Presbyterian Hospital, uses the Combitherm® combi ovens, smoker ovens and Cook & Hold ovens.

His favorite features of the combi oven include smoking, overnight cooking, slow cooking methods, and steaming. He also uses the combi ovens for 60% convection cooking and 40% steaming.

“I love the features and advantages of the Cook & Hold oven,” Justin said. “The oven produces a moist and cooked-to-perfection product.”

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