QC3-40 Upright Reach-In Blast Chiller

240 lb (109 kg), 19 Full-Size GN Pans capacity

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QuickChiller™ blast chillers can be used to chill virtually any type of food; from delicate vegetables and seafood to hearty roasts, and from dense sauces to casseroles. Intuitive user interface with 7" touchscreen control gives you precise, programmable consistency at your fingertips. The QC3-40 vertical reach-in chiller allows for greater pan capacity and higher production throughput.

  • Capacity – 240 pounds (109 kilograms), 19 full-size (1/1 GN) pans, 9 full-size sheet pans.
  • 4 operating modes – Modes include a quick-freeze mode, soft-chill mode for less dense items, hard-chill mode for more dense items, holding mode for chilled or frozen items, and automatic defrost.
  • Temperature probe – Includes 3 internal detachable food temperature probes and standard HACCP dataport.
  • Programmable – Intuitive touch control includes 20 preset menu category selections simplifying the chilling process.
  • Safety – Alto-Shaam’s QuickChiller freezer/chiller refrigeration systems are designed to rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods to either a chilled or frozen state well within HACCP/FDA code requirements.


QC3-40 Upright Reach-In Blast Chiller

240 lb (109 kg), 19 Full-Size GN Pans capacity

Features & Benefits

Touchscreen Control

The QuickChiller operates with an intuitive touchscreen control and four operational modes. Multiple pre-programmed menu selections allow ideal chilling conditions based upon the type and density of food.

Rapidly Remove Heat

Alto-Shaam QuickChillers™ are specifically designed to rapidly remove heat from foods using a combination of low temperature and high velocity air. This minimizes food time in the “Danger Zone” (135˚F - 40˚F/57˚C - 4˚C) by up to 80%.

Reduce Labor Hours

Instead of repeating the same production items every day, cook regular menu items to inventory and chill. Then refresh items as they are needed, reducing prep and cooking times.


"It makes things happen faster"

Proud Owner: QuickChiller™ blast chiller

Boston-based restaurant owner and chef Tony Maws uses the QuickChiller™ blast chiller to rapidly cool a variety of food. He especially finds it useful in chilling pastries and for ice cream. The blast chiller was originally purchased six years ago.

“For us, it is an expediter. It makes things happen faster,” Maws said.

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