HFM Series Halo Heat Built-In Hot Buffet Server

Four Sizes Available

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The HFM Halo Heat® Hot Food Module Series is heated, drop-in thermal base that can be customized with your countertop material. The adjustable temperature module provides an optimal heated surface for serving or carving and can be built into any new or existing service line.

  • Sized to fit your needs  Alto-Shaam Hot Food Modules come in 24-, 30-, 48-, and 72-inch (60.1-, 76.2-, 121.9- and 182.9-centimeter), lengths. All models are 24-3/4 inches (62.9 centimeters) wide.
  • Upscale solid surface display The Hot Food Modules simply drop in to any existing counter top. Surface materials can be easily matched to existing counter décor packages for a first-class presentation.
  • Adjustable thermostat – Each Alto-Shaam Hot Food Module is controlled by an adjustable thermostat and an independent on/off switch for maximum control.


HFM Series Halo Heat Built-In Hot Buffet Server

Four Sizes Available

Features & Benefits

Upscale Food Display

Elevate your food display using décor matching surface materials that compliment your countertop while enhancing the presentation of your food.

Food Quality

The heated drop-in base features radiant Halo Heat to heat to maintain food temperature and quality over a longer period of time. Better presentation means more sales and less waste.

Elegant Efficiency

Halo Heat drop-in thermal display modules are more energy efficient than standard coil-based heating elements resulting in lower utility costs.

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