Hungarian Goulash

Rich and heavily seasoned, this meat stew is sure to please anyone's taste buds.  It is cooked overnight in the Cook & Hold oven.


1/4 lb (113 g) butter 
1.5 lb (680 g) onion, chopped 
4 T (59 ml) sweet red paprika 
1/2 t (3 ml) garlic powder 
1 t (5 ml) white pepper 
2 bay leaves 
28 oz (828 ml) tomato puree 
8 lb (3.6 k) boneless stew meat cubed 
2 T (30 ml) Salt


Preheat Cook & Hold oven to 250 F (121 C), set hold at 160 F (71 C), vents half open. 
Sauté in butter the onions, garlic powder, paprika, white pepper and bay leaves until the onions are golden in color. Add the tomato puree, bring to a boil. Add the meat, return to a boil, season and transfer to a 2 inch (2x1 GN) pan. Cover with plastic wrap and bake for 3.5 hours and hold overnight.

Serve over egg noodles with dill sour cream.

Hungarian Goulash Recipe
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