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Equipment Guide for Supermarket Foodservice Programs

Discover foodservice equipment solutions designed to reduce labor and food costs while maximizing food quality for supermarket foodservice programs.

When looking to safely serve hot, fresh food to customers and essential workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers are facing significant challenges. Not only are they striving to meet demand—they are also facing a shortage of trained labor, paired with the need to reduce food waste and operational costs. 

Supermarkets and other major retailers are looking to introduce and safely execute new food program opportunities, including grab-and-go programs, online ordering, curbside pickup, delivery and more. These program add-ons are necessary to keep up with demand and provide high quality food to customers and essential workers at a number of touch points. 

Alto-Shaam offers a full system of equipment solutions and culinary support designed for retail operators. With the closure of so many self-serve hot and cold food bars, supermarkets and retailers are recognizing the need to step up and fill the void, but some are starting from scratch and have understandable concerns. Alto-Shaam has proven success working with retailers as they navigate new strategies and processes.

Full System of Equipment Solutions

Central to Alto-Shaam’s foodservice program solution is its equipment, especially Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens, which provide up to four ovens in one and deliver unmatched food volume and variety. Crucially, countertop models can be installed anywhere in-store without requiring water, plumbing or ventilation hoods. 

Vector ovens are complemented by Alto-Shaam’s Combitherm® ovens, which not only cook multiple menu options, but also use 80% less water with a boilerless design. Their combis have a number of safety design features, including SafeVent which automatically vents hot air and steam before the cooking cycle is completed. Combitherm ovens also feature an automatic grease collection system, as well as an innovative self-cleaning function to further keep employees safe and reduce labor costs.

For those looking to deliver a hot chicken option, Alto-Shaam’s new rotisserie oven not only cooks whole rotisserie chickens to perfection, but is similarly self-cleaning, helping to present the food in such a way that it promotes impulse sales.

Completing the system, Alto-Shaam’s hot holding solutions, including cabinets, drawers, merchandisers, and Cook & Hold Ovens ensure food stays hot without drying out. Casters provide easy mobility throughout the store—as foodservice programs expand to curbside pickup. Heated shelf merchandisers are able to be customized to the store’s branding and support a better ‘grab and go’ experience that boosts impulse sales. 

At the other end of the temperature scale, Alto-Shaam’s QuickChiller™ blast chillers chill prepared food for cold take-home meals, further supporting sales and reducing food waste.

All of Alto-Shaam’s equipment is designed to be energy efficient, maximizing resources and minimizing waste. Equipment is also easy to clean and maintain to support lower operating costs. 

To complement their equipment solutions, Alto-Shaam also has an experienced team of Corporate Chefs ready to help with menu development, cook settings and product training.

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