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We pioneer solutions to address our customer's challenges. Equipment systems designed to give our customers the confidence they need to embrace fresh perspectives and seize new opportunities. So every day we strive to design foodservice equipment solutions that are as intuitive and efficient as they are dependable.

Alto-Shaam proudly provides foodservice equipment solutions made in the USA to more than 90 countries globally


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Foodservice Equipment Solutions

Combitherm Combi Ovens

Unmatched performance, precision & quality. The all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent volume food production. Replace a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker and dehydrator. Meet your kitchen demands with the CT Express™ for space restrictions, CT PROformance™ with intuitive touchscreen controls, or CT Classic™ with classic controls.

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Alto-Shaam Combitherm Oven

Cook & Hold Ovens

Original Cook & Hold ovens with Halo Heat® technology have stood the test of time. Discover the same premium benefits now with a new, premium design and advanced control options. Increase kitchen productivity with labor-free cooking and holding. Cook food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising food quality. No fans. No harsh heating elements. No added humidity. Only greater yields and less food waste.  

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Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens

Imagine the flexibility, variety and space-savings with up to four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and cook time in multiple, independent oven chambers for unmatched volume and variety of food. The secret to Vector Multi-Cook Ovens lies in Structured Air Technology®.  Cook up to four different food items simultaneously with no flavor transfer.

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Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

Heated Holding - Mobile & Stationary

Time stands still. Only Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinets use Halo Heat® technology. No fans or harsh heating elements. There’s more to hot food holding than just keeping food hot. Support food production and extend preparation times outside of peak hours while maintaining the highest quality of food.

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Alto-Shaam heated holding equipment

Cook & Hold Smoker Ovens

Smoker ovens with Halo Heat® technology are as bold as they flavors they help you create. With a new, premium design and advanced control options, this time-honored technique has never looked – or tasted – so good. Master genuine smoking success and infuse authentic smoke flavors into food, all while reducing waste and increasing yields with labor-free smoking, cooking and holding.

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Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven

Rotisserie Ovens

Chicken in half the time. Cook 21 birds in just 45 minutes - twice as fast as traditional models. Maximize food presentation during the cooking process, enticing customers with succulent chicken roasting right in front of their eyes. Turn more product and profits.

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Alto-Shaam Rotisserie Oven

Merchandisers & Display Cases

Designed with food quality in mind. Halo Heat® technology provides better moisture retention and the longest holding life for your displayed food. More taste. Less waste. For longer lasting profits.

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Alto-Shaam Food Display Case

Food Wells

Better food quality. Individual well control. Inside Alto-Shaam drop-in food wells, gentle Halo Heat® surrounds each well with precisely controlled, even heat. Water-less design offers safety and less maintenance. Drop-in wells easily fit into any buffet service counter, prep station, or chef's table.

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Alto-Shaam Food Wells

Thermal Shelves & Carving Stations

Buffet at its best with a hot food holding module. Combine your own surface material with a base-heated, drop-in thermal shelf for a perfect counter top blend. Carving stations keep the product hot while maximizing visual appeal. They can be paired with a Cook & Hold Oven or Heated Holding Cabinet as a self-contained mobile carving system.

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Alto-Shaam Thermal Carving Station

QuickChiller Blast Chillers and Mobile Refrigerated Transport Carts

Protect and serve your food and your customers. QuickChiller blast freezer/chiller systems are designed to rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods well within HACCP and FDA requirements. Reduce daily production times and requirements by producing food up to five days in advance and simply rethermalize based upon demand.

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Alto-Shaam QuickChiller Blast Chiller

Convection Ovens

Platinum Series gas and electric convection ovens offer quick baking and roasting with easy-to-use controls. The Platinum Series gas oven features a unique, transverse-flow burner system producing rapid heat recovery for uniform flow resulting in even cooking without the need to rotate pans. Controlled velocity air also enhances product finish without loss of food quality.

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Alto-Shaam Convection Oven
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