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Alto-Shaam's commercial foodservice equipment is designed for dependability, convenience, and maximum return on investment. We manufacture a full line of equipment solutions that help our customers achieve a greater return on their investment and add value to their business. Whether you're looking to cook, hold, chill, or display food at the highest quality, our equipment solutions offer a full system for a successful foodservice operation.

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Further your oven investment and better meet the needs of your foodservice operation—and your customers—with accessories. We offer a number of accessories designed to expand your menu, ease the cleaning process and more. From various pans, racks and probes to cleaning supplies to water filtration systems and filters, we’ve got you covered. 

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Our Quick Ship program guarantees in-stock equipment and fast, convenient shipping on several of our most popular cooking, holding, and serving models. If you need equipment sooner than the regular lead time, we encourage you to take advantage of this program. 

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Converge ovens can steam, bake, grill and air fry – all at once – without sacrificing quality. Each chamber features individual temperature, humidity and cook time control to execute multiple cooking applications simultaneously. See the cooking power and versatility for yourself! 

During our most recent product demonstration, our culinary team put Converge to the test—cooking multiple food items at once with no flavor or moisture transfer. Watch the video to learn more!

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Converge Ovens

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Empower your menu and your business with data-driven insights from ChefLinc. This cloud-based remote oven management system features an easy-to-use dashboard for operators to seamlessly push and pull recipes, view oven status, collect and store data, receive detailed service diagnostics and more. Click HERE for additional details, connectivity requirements and FAQs when using ChefLinc.

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Discover Alto-Shaam’s one-of-a-kind stacking combination, our Prodigi™  Pro combi oven stacked over a revolutionary full size Vector® Multi-Cook Oven. This configuration provides unmatched value to the kitchen – combining combination cooking with Structured Air Technology® for flexible, high-volume food production and superior food quality.  

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Combi-Vector Stack


Kitchen spaces are shrinking, and in some operations, nonexistent. As costs continue to rise, operators now have to do more with less space, working to save money on building costs, monthly rent, labor and overhead. 

As a solution to their space challenges, operators are discovering ventless cooking equipment. Ventless equipment provides added flexibility in terms of kitchen design. Operators are able to place this equipment anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen hood—maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow.

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