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Software Versions and Release Dates

We are constantly striving to improve the operation and performance of our equipment. To ensure your equipment and software is up to date, please reference the latest software versions and their release dates below.  Click the links below to download the most up to date to software for your equipment. To receive email updates regarding new software releases, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

To view oven software versions, go to the Info page on your oven control. 

Multi-Cook Software

Vector H & F Series Simple Control

Software Version (as of 10/11/2022):
CB 5.2
IB 4.02

Vector H & F & Wide Series Deluxe Control

Software Version (as of 04/15/2024):
CB 5.1
BE 12.19.11
FE 8.12.1

Converge Multi-Cook Deluxe Control

Software Version as of (05/08/2024):
CB 2.22
BE 13.25.13
FE qt.7.35.4

Converge Multi-Cook Simple Control

Software Version as of (05/08/2024):
CB 2.22
BE 13.25.13
FE qt.7.35.4

Combi Software

CT PROformance™ Combitherm Oven PROtouch

Software Version (as of 11/03/2021): 
CB 1.18 
OB 0.17
IB 2.21.2

Recipe Management (as of 8/17/2017):

CT Express™ Combitherm Oven Express Touch

Software Version (as of 4/7/2017):
IB 1.33
RB 4.31

Combitouch Combitherm Oven (ES)

Software Version (as of 4/7/2017):
IB 2.40/2.51
RB 4.31

Prodigi™ Combination Ovens 

Software Version as of (05/08/2024):
CB 2.22
BE 13.25.12
FE qt.7.35.4

Cook & Hold/Smoker Software

Cook & Hold/Smoker Deluxe Control 

Software Version (as of  04/15/2024):
CB 1.15
BE  12.19.11
FE 8.12.1

Cook & Hold/Smoker Simple Control 

Software Version (as of 11/10/2023):
CB 1.15
HMI v79 (single chamber)    v79/v69 (double chamber)

Rotisserie Software

AR-7T Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven

Software Version (as of 03/10/2022):
CB 0.84
IB 0.87

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