HSM-24/5S/T Heated Shelf Merchandiser

5 Shelves, 16 Pounds Max Per Warming Shelf

Improve store profits by showcasing your grab-and-go meals in a quality Alto-Shaam floor-standing food merchandising display. Featuring exclusive Halo Heat® fanless technology, Alto-Shaam heated display units provide precise, even heating for the safest, highest quality food and lowest cost of ownership.

This 24-inch wide, five-shelf floor-standing heated display unit can be purchased separately or as part of a full system to cook, hold and merchandise rotisserie chickens, pizzas, sandwiches and more. 

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Halo Heat Technology®

Experience better food quality and higher yields with Halo Heat® technology. Unlike traditional heated holding or low temperature cooking technologies, temperatures created by Halo Heat technology don’t fluctuate to extremes. This gentle, radiant heat evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans.

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Heated Shelf Merchandisers

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