French Fries

When it comes to lunch time staples, french fries are among popular side item for burger joints and school cafeterias. But did you know that you can perfect your french fries by cooking them in a CT PROformance combi oven instead of dropping the fries in a greasy fryer? This option is great for school districts who are phasing out fryers.

We’ve received rave reviews from those treated to our french fries at the Culinary Institute. Our guests find they taste just the same as fries that have been cooked in a fryer. The best part is they are incredibly simple to make with little prep time involved – perfect for busy kitchens.


Coated ovenable french fries – ¼-inch thick


Pre-heat the CT PROformance™ Combitherm® oven to 575°.

Fully load your combi oven with perforated sheet pans or fry baskets with each pan containing a single layer of french fries.

Set your oven settings to 390° combi and program the cooking cycle with the following humidity levels:

  • 10% humidity for 5 minutes
  • 80% humidity for 3 minutes
  • 50% humidity for 3 minutes

If you plan to frequently cook french fries in the combi oven, be sure to add the recipe into the robust recipe management system. You can store the recipe in your favorites, making cooking french fries even easier. Using the settings ensures you will have a consistent outcome every time – no matter who is using the oven.

French Fries Recipe
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