Buffet at its best with a hot food holding module. Combine your own surface material with a base-heated, drop-in thermal shelf for a perfect counter top blend. Carving stations keep the product hot while maximizing visual appeal. They can be paired with a Cook & Hold Oven or Heated Holding Cabinet as a self-contained mobile carving system.

Thermal Shelves & Carving Stations

  • HFM Series Halo Heat Built-In Hot Buffet Server
    Four Sizes Available

  • CS-100 Single Lamp Hot Carving Shelf
    Holds a 35-Lb (16-Kg) Roast

  • CS-200 Double Lamp Hot Carving Shelf
    Holds a 70-Lb (31.7-Kg) Roast

Front-of-the-House Warmers Where It's Needed

HFM_style_lr.jpgDesigned to fit in a countertop, the HFM Series Built-in Hot Buffet Server combines a drop-in thermal base and an adjustable temperature module. With four different sizes (24-, 30-, 48-, and 72-inches long), there’s a food module for every buffet or catering operation. Simple thermostat controls ensure that food stays at the right temperature for a long service, while stainless steel panels assume the classy pose needed for high-end events.

Next, keep your food warm from the bottom and top with the heated carving station using Halo Heat® techology. Servers can keep roasts exceptionally moist and warm. Designed to be mobile, the carving station is sized to fit on top of a Cook & Hold Oven or one of our holding cabinets, so you have easy access to additional food. Finally, a removable cutting board with built-in gravy lane makes it painless to clean up after a feast.

Depending on your banquet’s needs, the stand alone shelves comes in a wide range of sizes, while the lamp with shelves is also available as a double-lamp model (with twice the capacity). For additional safety, an optional breath guard can be attached to the devices. To learn more about Alto-Shaam’s advanced serving appliances, we invite you to attend a demo.

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