Maintain Food Quality with Faster Ticket Times

Looking for ways to improve food quality without sacrificing fast ticket times? Learn how products like the original Cook & Hold oven can help.

In an industry where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, improving ticket times is the key to improving the dining experience and brand loyalty, as well as kitchen efficiency.

But how do you maintain the highest quality food in a shorter amount of time? Here, we detail the best tips of the trade to ensure a higher standard of food quality and customer satisfaction without the wait.

How Commercial Kitchen Equipment Can Improve Production Time

Operators strive to create memorable food experiences that keep customers coming back for more. So, what kitchen equipment will keep customers raving about your food with a minimal wait time?

Ventless commercial kitchen equipment, such as Cook & Hold ovens, let you boost your food production at the highest quality with labor-free, overnight cooking. This low-temperature cooking and holding solution ensures your food is hot and fresh, whether you're offering dine-in, takeout, or delivery. With the help of Halo Heat® Technology, gentle, radiant heat evenly surrounds food to maximize food quality, without extremely hot elements, added humidity, or fans. 

Multi-cook ovens are another category of commercial ovens that allow you to increase your speed of service without using microwaves that degrade food quality. With innovative Structured Air Technology®, multi-cook ovens can cook a variety of different food items simultaneously with zero flavor transfer. Operators can control temperature, fan speed, and cook time in each individual oven chamber, reducing the need for skilled labor. Ventless and waterless Vector® multi-cook ovens are ideal for increasing production anywhere you are tight on space. Significantly improve speed of service by cooking up to two times faster than conventional cooking technologies. With the addition of water, Converge® multi-cook ovens have the ability to steam, bake, air fry, grill, and more in up to three combis in one, for endless, on-demand cooking capabilities.

Additionally, incorporating heated holding best practices in your kitchen is one effective way of maintaining food quality and reducing waste. Investing in a heated holding cabinet means operators can prepare food and hold it at the optimal temperature hours before serving.

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Solutions

Versatile foodservice equipment solutions help your kitchen to operate at maximum efficiency. The ripple effects will be felt in nearly every aspect of the restaurant. Here's how:

Labor Savings

Commercial kitchen equipment like Vector and Converge multi-cook ovens are easy to use with little-to-no training required. These ovens do the job of microwave, speed ovens, grills, and more, relieving multiple pieces of equipment. For example, operators can bake cookies, grill salmon and roast vegetables at the same time, with no flavor transfer, and produce high quality results. This gives valuable time back to staff to tend to customers or begin the next batch of prep.

Cook & Hold ovens are another labor-saving piece of equipment. With the ability to cook and hold food overnight, the Cook & Hold allows businesses to allocate labor wherever it's needed, thanks to Halo Heat technology. Just prep your food, load it into the oven, set the recipe, and let the oven do the work for you.

Heated holding equipment is another labor saving solution that yields quality results. These units allow operators to cook food several hours before service, combating potential food rushes and allowing more time for staff to focus on plating and food presentation. 

Intuitive Controls

Alto-Shaam's latest oven innovations improve kitchen efficiency and workflow thanks to enhanced, intuitive controls paired with Cheflinc™ remote oven management system. 

With Wi-Fi enabled controls, operators can simplify the cooking and reporting process. Programming recipes through the cloud, staff can execute an entire menu by selecting pre-programmed recipes and walking away, letting the oven handle the rest. Programmable, image-based recipes and one-touch cooking allow any level of labor to execute menu items at the highest quality.

Reduce ticket times further with ChefLinc's ability to push and pull recipes, view oven status, collect and store data, receive detailed service and cleaning diagnostics, and more—all from one location—ensuring added consistency and simple touchscreen navigation. 

Menu Flexibility

Operators can further expand and adjust their menu with multi-functional, exclusive cooking technology. For example, multi-cook ovens feature controlled, vertical airflow that cooks food consistently at ideal settings, increasing your volume and variety of food at the highest quality. Each oven chamber acts as its own independent oven, with individual temperature, fan speed and cook time, so different food items can be cooked simultaneously with no flavor transfer. This flexible functionality gives you more room to expand and finesse your dining options.

Space Savings

Designed with the commercial kitchen in mind, ventless technology provides additional flexibility in terms of kitchen design. Operators can easily place equipment, such as Cook & Hold ovens, multi-cook ovens and heated holding cabinets, anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen hood— further maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow. Countertop, waterless and stackable designs are also available to maximize your space, your way.

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