Alto-Shaam Appoints Gerard Strong as New Corporate Chef

Alto-Shaam has appointed Gerard Strong as a corporate chef to serve as an application specialist and execute menu consultations and culinary demonstrations. 

Alto-Shaam has appointed Gerard Strong as a corporate chef.

In his new role, Gerard will serve as an application specialist. His responsibilities include enhancing the Alto-Shaam customer experience through voice-of-the-customer initiatives, as well as executing menu consultations and culinary demonstrations. Through these efforts, Gerard will support the global sales, product development and marketing departments.

With more than 18 years of experience in the culinary industry, Gerard has worked in leading positions for various foodservice operations, including professional kitchens, restaurants, and retail establishments. Prior to joining Alto-Shaam, Gerard was the general manager and executive chef at Belfre Kitchen in Delafield, WI, where he oversaw all daily operations of the restaurant and developed a workplace culture and systems that enabled the restaurant to run efficiently and financially sound.

Rocky Rockwell, head corporate executive chef at Alto-Shaam, says: “I am excited to welcome Gerard to our team to work closely with our customers and develop products that will best support their businesses. His diverse experience in the foodservice industry has equipped him with knowledge that will ultimately help our customers reach their goals.”

Alto-Shaam’s team of corporate chefs are dedicated to providing exceptional culinary support. To learn more, talk to a chef today.

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