Combi Installation Made Easy

Alto-Shaam will make installing your Prodigi combi oven easy. With our installation program, we can ensure your oven it set up correctly and efficiently. 

Worried that a combi oven won't fit in your kitchen? Concerned that the installation will take too long and shut down your restaurant for a few days? With Alto-Shaam’s Combi Installation Program, we take care of those worries for you and ensure optimal oven performance from the start. Eliminate your fears and concerns about oven installation with this quick overview of our factory authorized installation program.

Installation Programs are a No Brainer for ProdigiTM Combination Ovens

Set your business up for immediate success. ProdigiTM combi ovens are offered with an installation program to make oven installation quick, efficient, and easy. An installation team certified by Alto-Shaam will visit your place of business and examine your kitchen layout. Then, they will draft a blueprint based on the current layout and the options for where to install the oven. Looking at the kitchen’s plumbing, drainage, clearance area, and other features, the team will then create a couple of different layouts to maximize your kitchen's efficiency. They'll also make sure your location has the correct connections your oven needs to get up and running. 

You may realize the flow of work changes in your kitchen to implement to make things faster and easier. Be sure to include your head chefs to get their opinions of where the Prodigi ovens should be installed to create an optimal flow.

After the evaluation, a certified service provider will install the oven. After installation, they'll perform a thorough check of the equipment and conduct a performance evaluation.

Though it’s technically possible to handle the oven installation on your own or with an outside service agency, we strongly recommend using our factory-authorized program. Without that distinction, any problems that occur during or after the installation process will not be covered by warranty.


Our Prodigi combi ovens combine steam and convection cooking methods to achieve powerful results. This hybrid system allows operators to control individual parameters, such as temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, our Turbo technology cooks food much faster than traditional convection (up to 80% faster), reaching up to 575ºF (302ºC). When compared to other ovens in the category, the Prodigi oven line from Alto-Shaam can cook food up to 20% faster.

Our Prodigi combi ovens also have an optional ventless hood, Ventech™ and Vectech™ PLUS, that do the job of an expensive hood system, saving operators additional money. The NSF/UL-approved design has zero clearance requirements, which is extremely useful in a cramped kitchen. With the help of our certified installation team, you can fit the Prodigi oven in remarkably tight spaces, without compromising on safety or performance.


We’ve established a 24-hour toll-free service hotline at 1-800-558-8744, where you can report emergencies and make customer service requests. We’re available seven days a week, 365 days a year, to help our customers with any problems that may arise. Visit our Factory Authorized Installation Program page for more details.

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