How To Execute an Air Fried Food Program

Fried food is as popular today as ever. With advancements in oven technology, operators can eliminate costly deep fryers and still deliver high-quality, deliciously golden brown food that their customers crave. 

In this guide, we provide the top considerations to help you effortlessly set up an air fried food program with ventless equipment that maximizes food quality and cuts costs. 


Air frying offers the opportunity to achieve fried food without the need for a deep fryer. To perfectly execute crispy, golden brown food without a deep fryer, you need cooking equipment that provides you high-velocity airflow.

Alto-Shaam’s Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Ovens feature exclusive Structured Air Technology™, which provides consistent, even vertical airflow from the top and bottom. This allows you to achieve the perfect crispy finish, delivering a healthier product to your customers, while also eliminating the associated labor and operating costs. 

A pound of oil can range anywhere from $0.60 to $1.55 per pound, which can add up to as much as $8,000 per year. Versatile, ventless air frying equipment simplifies fried food production and cuts these extra costs.

As an added bonus, Vector H Series Ovens can deliver fried food products with greater ease of use and safety. These ovens are programmable, allowing you to develop custom recipes based on the type, size and shape of your food product. Plus, without the safety risks of hot oil, you can significantly limit cooking hazards in your kitchen. 

To further support an air fried food program, hot holding solutions are crucial to maintain ideal food temperatures and retain crispiness. Alto-Shaam’s heated holding equipment utilizes gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology without added humidity or fans that can result in soggy or dried out fried food. 


Food products that are listed as oven-ready are ideal for an air-fried program. Packaging that indicates that it is pre-dipped and coated will ensure you achieve a crisp outside structure. Operators can also execute a fresh, hand-battered air fried program with the right equipment and ingredients.

How you put the product on the pan and the oven settings also plays a core role in achieving enticing air fried food. Coated products can benefit from being sprayed lightly with a pan spray to add an additional crispiness. Certain items that are listed as “fry ready” might not brown properly due to various types of coatings, such as tapioca or rice flour, that is designed to stay white. 

Learn more about the various food products and equipment that can help you effortlessly execute an air fried food program in a ventless space. Watch our latest webinar here.

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