Now Available: Ventech™ Type 1 Hoods with Condensation Technology

It costs approximately $2,000 per linear foot to install a traditional kitchen hood, and even more additional costs to run it daily. Ventech™ and Ventech™ PLUS Type 1 hoods with condensation technology put money back in your pocket by eliminating the need for expensive oven hoods and costly hood installations.

With no traditional hood restrictions, operators are able to place combi ovens with Ventech solutions anywhere in the kitchen—maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow.Ventech hoods are designed to maximize space and savings for foodservice operations that require cooking with convection heat, steam or a combination of both. Ventech condensation hoods are now available in the United States on a variety of Combitherm® ovens to meet the needs of any foodservice operation.

The ventless hood captures any smells that could be overpowering for our customers and helps us guarantee an atmosphere that reflects how clean and fresh our food is.” said Travis Moe, Director of Operations at Crisp & Green.

Available on single or stacked models, Ventech hoods condense steam while capturing and removing grease-laden air, vapors and lingering smoke. No separate power supply for the hood is required—power for the condensation hood is sourced directly from the oven. Condensation hoods are available as a factory-installed option, and field installations are also available.

For additional information on our ventless commercial kitchen products please visit Alto-Shaam's Ventless technology page.

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